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IDEAS search plug-ins

The plug-ins below allow you to search IDEAS right from the menus of your browser. This does, however, generally not allow to set options. For this, go to the IDEAS search page.

Search IDEAS right from the search bar of your Firefox browser!

If you are using a recent version of Firefox, you can search IDEAS directly from the search bar (on the top right corner of your browser). To do so, install the plug-in by clicking on the link below.

Install the IDEAS Economics and Finance search plug-in. You need javascript to be turned on for this installation to work.

Search IDEAS right from the address bar of your Internet Explorer browser!

If you are using a recent version of Internet Explorer and Windows XP, you can search IDEAS directly from the address bar (where web page addresses appear). To do so, download the file below, then double click-it. This will modify the registry. Then, just type idea and your keywords!

Uninstall using the same procedure as the install.

Safari search plugin

Users of Safari can customize the search bar by installing Acidsearch. You can then easily customize it for IDEAS.

Chrome search plugin

Search plugin is welcome here, if anybody knows of one.

Opera search plugin

It is possible to have a search plugin in Opera. Just drag this to your toolbar. This is untested, I would appreciate if a user could tell me whether it works.

Camino search plugin

Even Camino users can unleash the power of IDEAS. Install any of the search tools and then configure with the search address

Emacs search function

You can now search IDEAS from Emacs! Use M-x ideas <RET> type your keywords <RET> and it should open yor favorite browser with the dearch results. But first paste the following in your .emacs file and restart emacs:

defun ideas (command)
"Uses `browse-url' to submit keywords to IDEAS and open result in an external browser defined in `browse-url-browser-function'."

(interactive "sCommand:")
(concat ""command

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