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Many people have made this service possible. I, and maybe also you, would like to thank:
RePEc coordinators
José Manuel Barrueco Cruz, Kit Baum, Sune Karlsson, Thomas Krichel, Markus Klink (emeritus)
System administrators
Benoît Bélair (emeritus), Hélène Bouley (emeritus), Timothy Ruggieri (emeritus), Dan Hayes (emeritues), Anna Oates.
Kit Baum, José Manuel Barrueco Cruz, Sune Karlsson, Thomas Krichel, Ivan Kurmanov, Victor Lyapounov, Sergei Parinov.
Software Perl, mySQL, Python.
Other helpful people
Dale Camara, Nir Dagan, Sébastien Émard-Rathé, Yvon Fauvel, Bob Parks, Geoffrey Shuetrim
and, of course the many, many archive maintainers and NEP editors!

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