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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P49: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Beyond macro- and micro-emancipation : rethinking emancipation in organization studies
    by Huault, Isabelle & Perret, Véronique & Spicer, André
  • 2013 Determinants of the Establishment of Islamic Micro Finance Institutions: The Case of Baitul Maal wa Tamwil (BMT) in Indonesia
    by Alfiah Hasanah & Arief Anshory Yusuf
  • 2013 Islamic Finance Revisited: Conceptual and Analytical Issues from the Perspective of Conventional Economics
    by Sheng, Andrew & Singh, Ajit
  • 2013 Islamic Stock Markets in a Global Context
    by Sheng, Andrew & Singh, Ajit
  • 2013 Measuring national innovation systems efficiency – a review of DEA approach
    by Maxim Kotsemir
  • 2013 An Overview And Analysis Of Energy Challenges In The Republic Of Croatia
    by Rada Cristina IRIMIE
  • 2012 The Exploitation of the Open Economic System’s Synergistic Relational Potential
    by Laura-Melinda STAN & Alexandru JIVAN
  • 2011 Critical Management Education as a Vehicle for Emancipation: Exploring the Philosophy of Jacques Rancière
    by Perret, Véronique & Huault, Isabelle
  • 2011 Le Rôle Des Ong Pour La Prise De Conscience De L’Importance Des Partenariats Publics-Prives Dans L'Économie Sociale En Roumanie
    by Sorin BURLACU
  • 2011 El Talento Humano Y La Innovación Empresarial En El Contexto De Las Redes Empresariales: El Clúster De Prendas De Vestir En Caldas-Colombia
  • 2011 Social entrepreneurship: the new narrative for the practice of the social economy
    by Nuria Toledano
  • 2010 Rethinking Emancipation in Organization Studies. In the light of Jacques Rancière's Philosophy
    by Huault, Isabelle & Perret, Véronique & Spicer, André
  • 2010 Business Intelligence - The Standard Tool of a Modern Company
    by Suchánek, Petr
  • 2010 Introducing Anthropological Foundations of Economic Behavior, Organization, and Control
    by Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich
  • 2010 Uzun Donemli Al-ve-Tut Getirileri: IMKB’de Halka Acik Sirketler Uzerine Bir Uygulama
    by Berna Kirkulak
  • 2009 Four generations of Islamic economists
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim
  • 2009 Social Climate Perception By The Population In The Czech Republic (Almost 20 Years After The Velvet Revolution In 1989)
  • 2008 Rolul Comisiei Europene in politica de concurenta - European Commission’s role in competition policy (Romanian Version)
    by Lidia MANDRU
  • 2008 El Desarrollo como Derecho Humano
    by Angulo Sánchez, Nicolás
  • 2007 Public Sector Motivation and Development Failures
    by Rocco Macchiavello
  • 2006 Генезис Цивитальной Организации: Идеология Нового Мира
    by Kaluzhsky, M.L.
  • 2006 Public Sector Motivation and Development Failures
    by Macchiavello, Rocco
  • 2006 The history of the economic thought in the test of the "universalism" of Othmar Spann
    by Jean-Jacques GISLAIN
  • 2005 I fondamenti di principio di un’economia islamica
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi
  • 2004 Estimating the Value of a Statistical Life: The Importance of Omitted Variables and Publication Bias
    by Orley Ashenfelter & Michael Greenstone
  • 2004 Forms of Participatory Democracy: An Analytical Framework Based on the Experiences of Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia
    by Clemente Forero & Carlos Eduardo Sepúlveda
  • 2003 "Non-Profit" Tauschsysteme: Ein Literaturüberblick
    by Rolf Schroeder
  • 2002 Northeast Asian Dynamism: Ten Top Impediments & Countermeasures
    by Lambert, Bruce Henry
  • 2000 Infrastructures de transport et co-développement
    by Olivier Coppin
  • 1999 The hunt for S-shaped growth paths in technological innovation: a patent study
    by Birgitte Andersen