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Welcome to the largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet. Over 1,600,000 items of research can be browsed or searched, and over 1,400,000 can be downloaded in full text! This site is part of a large volunteer effort to enhance the free dissemination of research in Economics, RePEc, which includes bibliographic metadata from over 1,700 participating archives, including all the major publishers and research outlets. IDEAS is just one of several services that use RePEc data. To see the popularity of some of these services, browse the statistics at LogEc

Authors are invited to register with RePEc to create an online profile. Then, anyone finding some of your research here can find your latest contact details and a listing of your other research. You will also receive a monthly mailing about the popularity of your works, your ranking and newly found citations.

Current holdings on IDEAS:

& series
Itemsof which
onlineJEL codedwith abstractswith referenceswith citations
Working papers3,979 592,176 524,209 293,563 490,004 316,862 250,845
Articles2,058 1,016,816 950,383 168,938 616,432 255,135 387,326
Software components30 3,316 3,303 363 3,183 0 0
Books272 18,742 8,447 3,388 14,794 1,976 6,476
Chapters135 19,509 17,910 4,209 6,624 4,706 6,174
Total 6,475 1,650,560 1,504,252 470,461 1,131,037 578,679 650,821
In addition, IDEAS has information about
13,022 economics institutions,
41,446 authors who have registered with the RePEc Author Service (and have authored 988,233 items listed in RePEc), and
47,167 NEP reports in 94 fields.

Newly participating institutions (past two months)

17.9.14: University of St. Andrews (II)
16.9.14: Bank of Japan (II)
15.9.14: University of Limerick
10.9.14: Syddansk Universitet
9.9.14: Universität Kiel
8.9.14: IQRA University
5.9.14: Multinational Finance Society
21.8.14: Higher Education Press
20.8.14: Sobra México
13.8.14: EcoMod
12.8.14: Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (IX)
8.8.14: Centro de Estudios Públicos
6.8.14: Beijing Institute of Technology
6.8.14: Instituto de Alto Estudios Nacionales (Ecuador)
2.8.14: The Economics and Social Development Organization
23.7.14: Ekonomik Yaklasim Dernegi
21.7.14: History of Economic Ideas
18.7.14: Cuadernos de Economía
17.7.14: Architexturez Imprints
IDEAS is run with considerable help from others by Christian Zimmermann at the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which runs and hosts this server. IDEAS uses the RePEc database. RePEc stands for "Research Papers in Economics" and is an internal name for a group working on the provision of electronic working papers. We are concerned that the uncoordinated provision of archives is inefficient. We believe that joining forces is a good thing because we can learn from each other how to do things better and promote our work together. Our archives are interconnected using a set of rules called the Guildford protocol (GuilP). Here is what we call a service, a server mirroring the database built from these archives.

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