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ProviderSeriesNr. Papers (online)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Agricultural Economics and Management Discussion Papers 143 (143)
Hebrew University, Center for Agricultural Economic Research Journal of Rural Cooperation194 (194)
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Department of Economics Working Papers 103 (103)
Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University Working Papers 176 (176)
Tel Aviv Papers 340 (0)
Tel Aviv - the Sackler Institute of Economic Studies Papers 66 (0)
University of Haifa, Department of Economics Working Papers 33 (33)
The Center for the Study of Rationality, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Discussion Paper Series 398 (395)
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS) Working Papers 9 (9)
Nir Dagan Economic theory and game theory 20 (20)
Oscar Volij Economic theory and game theory 21 (21)
National Insurance Institute of Israel Working Papers 1156 (1156)