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Customized Publication Compilations

It is now possible to create customized publication compilations on IDEAS. Specifically, this allows to put in one place all publications listed on RePEc of some group of authors. To create such a listing, use this online tool and add authors registered on the RePEc Author Service to your list. Note that the creation and management of these lists is closely monitored. Also, there is no need to create such lists for departments, centers and other institutions already listed on EDIRC. Indeed, EDIRC already compiles such lists (find the link above the list of affilated authors for the institution's entry on EDIRC) as long as registered authors have specified the appropriate affiliations. While the lists below display all publications of a particular set of authors, there are also customizable reading list on particular topics or for courses here.

Currently, the following lists are available (lists are updated in the early days of each month):

  1. Bangladesh related Economists
  2. Bolivian Economists
  3. Economic Growth and Change of African Countries
  4. Energy Economists
  5. Energy and environmental economists at the ESRI
  6. Environmental and Resource Economists in Amsterdam
  7. Estonian Economists
  8. Ethiopia related economists
  9. Graduate students of Christian Zimmermann
  10. Hungarian economists
  11. IEHAS Research Group on Game Theory
  12. Islamic Ecomonics
  13. Items authored by Boston College Economics alumni
  14. Korean Economists
  15. Latvian Economists
  16. Laureates of the John Bates Clark Medal
  17. Learning and Expectations Macroeconomists
  18. Lithuanian Economists
  19. MENA Economists
  20. Magyar Közgazdaságtudományi Egyesület
  21. Mercados Derivados
  22. NEP editors
  23. NIMA - Applied Microeconomics Research Unit
  24. Network of Swiss Economists Abroad
  25. New Economic School Alumni
  26. Nobel laureates in economics
  27. PIDE/SBP related Economists
  28. Pakistan Economists
  29. Pakistani Economists
  30. Portuguese Economists
  31. Programme \"Technology, Innovation and Society\" at Helmholtz Association (Germany)
  32. Queen's Economics Department PhD Graduates
  33. RePEc team
  34. Research Institute of Economics and Management - China
  35. Review of Economic Dynamics editors and associated editors
  36. Russian Federation Economists
  37. Social economics
  38. Stata Users Group
  39. Thai Economists
  40. Top RePEc Authors by Number of Downloads through RePEc Services over the past 12 months
  41. Top authors in NEP-ACC (Accounting & Auditing)
  42. Top authors in NEP-UPT (Utility Models & Prospect Theory)
  43. Tunisian Economists
  44. Turkish Economists
  45. Ukrainian Economists
  46. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Economics PhD Alumni
  47. University of Connecticut Economics BA Alumni
  48. University of Connecticut Economics MA Alumni
  49. University of Connecticut Economics PhD Alumni