Christian Zimmermann's Data

In this page, you find the data used for the following paper:

Christian Zimmermann, International trade over the Business Cycle: Stylized Facts and Remaining Puzzles, working paper no. 37, Research Center on Employment and Economic Fluctuations, Université du Québec à Montréal, March 1995. Paper.

If you are using this data, please use the above reference and give me a copy of your work.

Here, I provide quarterly data for 19 countries. The default sample is 1960.I to 1991.II. It is obvious from the data files if the sample is different. All data has been filtered with the so called Hodrick-Prescott filter, lambda set to 1600. Unfiltered data will be added to the database later.

Data series are in the database format (.db) of MicroTSP and EViews. This is ASCII format that is easily importable into other software. If you have the above softwares, use the fetch command to retrieve the series.

I add data when my schedule allows me to find time for that. If your are impatient to see some data, send me email to reset priorities...

For each country, the following data will be available, raw or cyclical components:

The countries:

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