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First a little background for those who did not come to this page through my home page: I used to be an Economics professor at the University of Connecticut (USA), specialized in macroeconomics. Now I am at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. I maintain a website about economics research, IDEAS. And somehow, some people think I can solve all their problems. I get quite a few who think I will do their Economics homeworks, but others are way off track. Here is a little sample. Note: these are the complete emails. I just cut names and signatures. And I spare you the phone calls I get...
This is the second page of emails. The first one is here, the third is there and the fourth one here. And now there is also a fifth page.
Hello: I am a student at Roosevelt University. I am doing research based on Natal, Brazil's tourism development. I am interested in obtaining your tourism statistics. I am also interested in possible developing a small luxury hotel. The results from the statistics will enable me to determine if the marketability exists. If you can email some general information to ____________, I'd be appreciative.
Thank you,
Dear sir I;m joking for the information of secret groups or organizations that tried to take over the government of Bolivia. Could have taken place in the late 1800s or early 1900s . the organization or group I;m most interested in is the ILLUMINATE or a more modern name FREEMASONS. I read a small blurb that the Bolivian government exiled this group of people. please E mail if so
My name is _________ and I am a seventh grade student at Laredo Middle School in Aurora, Colorado. I am participating in a Multimedia/ E-Commerce class and our assignment is to set up a retail-clothing store in London. Each student is assigned a job within their group and my job is to find out the employee wages for the following positions in our clothing retail store: Manager, Assistant Manager, Receiving manager, Business Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, and Three Sales Associates. Also I have to investigate any benefits, insurance, union requirements, etc:
I am e-mailing you to ask for your help in these investigations. If you could find me any of these positions or other requirements I would greatly appreciate it. Any estimate or range is also greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me back at _________
Dear ,
My name is _________. I lives in California? and today I have 6 questions about the economic. Could you please help me to answers 6 these question. Thanks

1. What do you think the new president's most serious economic problem is?

2. What are the basic functions of money? What is money and what is near money? What does the value of money depend on in the U.S?
3. How are old age pensions (Social security) funded in the U.S? Should you be worried about your social security benefits when you retire? Why or why not? What can you do during your working years to prevent financial problem when you retire?
4. Discuss the main characteristic of pure capitalism (pure market system). How does our mixed market system differ from pure capitalism?
5. What is the role of saving and investment in economic growth? How can we increase the saving rate in the U.S?
6. What are the 3 basic tools of monetary policy? Show in detain how each of the tools works during a recession and a period of inflation. Which s the most important and Why?

Dear Prof. Zimmerman,
I am a student of Economy at "La Sapienza" University in Rome (ITALY) and my graduation thesis deals with the applicability of E.V.A. methodology to credit institutes and financial institutions in general. Unfortynately, this subject is not enlarged upon yet in Italy. With respect to that, I kindly request you to let me know issues, internet sites, seminar pubblication and so on, dealing with the applicability of the Economic Value Added to banks, both as an estimation device of the business performance and as estimation device of banks stocks prices. I thank you in advance for any information you will supply me, and remain,
Yours faithfully.

I am an studient in economics at Antananarivouniversity in Madagascar. I would like to have more informtion about the world-wide economics association because of my studies I wonder to be a new member. therfore I don't know how to do and which association would be better for me. Even you get more informaiton about this if you have not enough now send me details please.

Sincerly yours

Dr. Zimmerman: My name is __________ and I run an oil company in Dallas, Tx. We are about to embark on a large shallow drilling program in China and one of the gentlemen we've been dealing with is an economist named Professor _________. Other than having worked for the Deutsche Bank in Beijing, I can find little about his background. He states he has taught at the American University in Georgetown and at a college in NY. He certainly sounds knowledgeable and very credible, however we are about to make a large investment in the country and I like to find out more about the gentleman. Is there any information you can provide. His home is in Beijing. Your help would be most appreciated. Sincerely,
Subject: help

What is outcome oriented exactly?

Dear sir/madam,

I am a Zambia aged 37 years old a secretary bY proffesional. I intend to open an orphanage for infants. I am raising funds to enable me complete the home.

In this regard, I am hereby applying for a job as a Housemaid, if I work for two years I will be able to complete the home for orphans.

Please help me and God bless you.

Yours faithfully

Subject: Problem!

I would kindly ask for Your help! I need information about the average salary in Norway but I can not find it!

Should You help me?

Thanks in advance!

Subject: research in accounting

how has technology impacted accounting practice?.

Prof Zimmermann:
Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Radiologist from US. I am looking for contact e-mail for Prof. _________ for some genetic study in India. I would like to know if you have any information, or some place where I could get such info
Subject: Help with statistics

I need help in how to find changes that have happened since 9/11/01... for example:
What is the increase in American flag sales?
What is the increase in web sites dedicated to 9/11?
What are the actual losses incurred by airlines?
I would appreciate any suggestions on the direction to go.
Thank you

my family is from a landlocked nation. and my family wants to know this quistion.

a landlocked nation does not touch an outside border of the continent. so can you name three landlocked countries. my family wants the REAL answer.

thanks e-mail me back

Dear Sir
I have completed my M.Sc ( Hons)in agri.economics.I have a craze to do my doctorate in Agricultural Economics in Germany So please tell me the names and addresses of universities which itself applies for the funding programme. So please guide me . I have lack of financial resources. Hoping a reply soon
Please provide me prices for the following. We are preplanning my Mothers funeral . We are located in Alliance, OH 44601

Aurora Brushed Hyacinth 18 g steel or stainless casket (picture attached) or another one that is identical or close. Light pink color desired

Wilb. Montecello outer burial container or similar.

Burial will be at Alliance City Cemetary, Alliance OH

You can reach me by email or at _________________

Hi Chris,
You have a great site here. I will like to know why to use the site beneficially. Thanks
hello i live in england and i am trying to trace the name ayala as my sister has married some one from venezuela and they are now living here very happy and out of interest my sister would like to know about her family name if you reply please write to _________ thank you
I am researching international lending on the net, and found your site. I do not know if you can help or even if your interested in helping me. However, here is a brief discription of what I am trying to accomplish. I am a mortgage broker in Florida and I do residential and commercial lending from all of the US. I am continuely approached to do international lending and there is such a hugh market, that would benifit everyone involved. Do you have any sources who would possible be willing to look at some of my projects? Thank you for your time and even if you are unable to respond I found your site very helpful.
Thank You Again,
I wonder if you can help me, my father used to say although I was born in England I had two Erish parents , however because my father was Irish, this made me Irish by ethnic origin. This I accept. However mosth people seem to think this rubbish. Also I am told you cannot take the ethnic origin from the father only you have to have dual origin ?? Could you explain this to me or tell me where I can find the answer. I know this could be time washing for you. you cant answer every ? sent perhaps you could give me an email. many thank yours
SG Herr Zimmermann
Da ich grad an meiner Diplomarbeit schreibe und sie mit Latex schreiben möchte würde ich sie bitte ob sie mir nicht ein schönes Template mit allerhand Features geben könnten..
Danke schon im voraus
We were discussing this subject and I can't find the specific reference anywhere on the net. Can you help? Why is the District of Columbia responsible for our capitol, our president, our major holding of all of America? What if District of Columbia wanted there little patch of land and all of its holdings back? How did District of Columbia get this area of the United States and how did our nation's capitol end up on a foreign land in our country? I always thought that D.C. was just Washington and part of the United States, and yes, it is so, but what about the other questions that I have asked. Please provide references so my children, and others can be knowledgeable of these questions. Thank you.
Dear sir

i am going through your website and i seen ur mail address so i mail you . well there i have seen a institute . so i would like to apply there. to apply in that institute what requirements needed ? please let me know all this so how could i apply there ? hope to hear from you soon.

your sincerly

je veux des informations sur les entreprises qui travaillent en résaeux c.a.d. avec son environnement (d'autres entreprises;organismes prvés ou publics;universités;centres de recherches;...)

mercie de m'aider pour mon master.

Dear Mr. Zimmermenn;

I need an International Finance Company, Tjis company can give of credit turkey?

Please can you help me?


I am sending you this email to you in Spanish as well below. I wanted to know if you have any demographic information on from what cities/towns Guatemalans are emmigrating from to Los Angeles, Ca. I am starting a videoconferecing service between LA-Guate and want specific information as to where to start offices in Guate. Please respond when you get this email.
Thank you,
Nous recherchons des réalisations récentes utilisant des tuiles de terre cuite et/ou des briques de structure pour publication dans une revue d'architecture.

La Fédération Française des Tuiles et Briques publie Terre d'architecture, une nouvelle revue d'architecture que vous avez peut-être eu l'occasion de feuilleter. Son objectif est de faire mieux connaître les produits de terre cuite et d'en faire valoir la contemporanéité par la présentation de réalisations récentes. Pour garantir la qualité et la diversité des exemples proposés dans cette publication dont nous avons la charge, nous lançons un vaste appel à réalisations .

Nous centrons, notre demande sur des rialisations mettant en &uvre tous types de tuiles et/ou de brique de structure dans une architecture contemporaine.

Si l'éventualité d'une publication vous intéresse, merci de nous faire parvenir dans les meilleurs délais un, ou des, exemple(s) de réalisations comportant une fiche technique succincte de l'opération, la nature et la marque des produits terre cuite mise en &uvre, au minimum deux vues valorisant ces produits (de préférence légèrement plongeantes quand il s'agit de montrer les couvertures) et vos coordonnées complètes.

Sinc%egrave;res salutations
Pour la r&eaute;daction

Hi I am writing a paper on Mark Sagoffs paper Do we consume to much? What is the percentage of world wealth does the top 3 % of the world population control? How much wealth does the top 20% of the world pop. control? What countries fall in this line of control? What is the descrepencey of the natrual resources and our current consumer rates? What is the percentage of the 3 and 20% of the population spend on military and in which 1st world countries? What are the stock rate trends of biotech in the last 10, 15, and 20 years? What is the ratio of income generated by technologies both bio and industral saving the average person excluding the top 3% and 20% of the controlers of the world wealth incrementally from 1900 to 2002?
Dear Sir;

Im looking for :
Synthesis, characterization and in-vitro antitumour studies on some 3d-metal complexes of N-salicyloyl-N'- thiobenzhydrazide. Singh, N. K.; Srivastava, Anju; Kayastha, Arvind M. Department of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section A: Inorganic, Bio-inorganic, Physical, Theoretical & Analytical Chemistry (2000), 39A(10), 1074-1078.
Can you help me please to obtain this publication.

I want to subscribe manually my previous working paper (in pdf) because I can search automatically on your search-engine. I hope you can put this paper on my work, thank you!
I am searching for a economist in British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for future outlook on the career of Administrative Assistants and the long term occupation. The demand for this job, the long term outlook etc.
I am interested in the h2b program. Could you please direct me as to what I can do and who I can contact. I live in Jamaica West Indies
My name is Princess Favour xxx xxx, I am a Nigeria I went to your website and I came across with Daewoo Economic Institute in South Korea, Sir, actually I am intersting in studing the course in your country over there in Korea.

Could you please give me your necessary requirement, and the duration cost .

Please your cogent response is highlt needed.
Thanks in anticipation.

ich bin Student der Medienwirtschaft in Deutschland uns suche Informationen zum Flughafen Gazipasa in der Türkei. Bin über die türkische Website der Regierung auf Sie gestoßen, es wäre Klasse wenn Sie mir irgendwelche Informationen auf Englsich etc zu einer geplanten Eröffnung als zivilen Flughafen zu kommen lassen könnten oder einen Ansprechpartner nennen könnten.
Can you help me find someone to do a market research study in Spain? I'm trying to understand the Spanish Restaurant industry and how US Casual Dining Franchise have performed there over the past 5 years.
I am a somali economist graduated from local university.

I warked reasearch feild in the last two years, as i made some research papers to the noneprofit organizations those work in mogadishu, the capital of Somali Repuplic.

while there are some of papers concerning Somali economy as a whole, and the setuation of IDP's (Internal Displaced Persons) those displaced from several regons in the country.

I want to choin your streemly University, the feild of EDIRC, and i have the ability to make the papers or reaerchs concerning the somali setuation as a whole and somali economy especially.

I hope you will agree me for trhis new freindely working.

Willing posative response from you.

May i request for confirmation of my Tax Account Number and correction on my date of birth which i filed by the year 1990.I have lost my Identification no.

Thank you.Hope for your consideration

my name is [withheld] , I am a student in master (international economy) , in university of batna in algeria . I thank you if I have got a few information about your organization I am very interested to have got your publications in arabic ,frensh or english:

*annual report 2003-2004
*I need your working papers series 2003-2004
* your official magazine
*the history book(yearbook) about your organization
*all international economic publications and books.
*statistics documents about globalization

Finally I thank you sir for all.

thank you

dear sir/madam
kindly send me any paper corcening of working capiyal policy

i hope you will tahe thuis into account


Professor, I have been overwhelmed by your academic achievements and have been forced to write to you. Iam a postgraduate student currently looking for a topic for my dissertation. Iam doing a MSC in Finance and Accounting at Makerere University (Uganda). Iam also a banker in one of the commercial banks in Uganda East Africa. Iam interested in bank lending and wanted to do " The Impact of lending policy on non performing loans". It is based on my statement of the problem that much as banks are focusing on improving their loan policies , the loan default rate seems not to be going down but rather high. Please can you advise me on this. I will apreciate your technical advice and experience


Can you please explain me to me the difference between a SMME ( Small Medium and Micro Enterprices ) Framework and a Model? What are the differences between the two things? To me they look and seem the same thing.

Can you please let me know


I am doing a study on European Works Councils and I understand that a draft of the Estonia European Works Council agreement was done and looking for a copy. Would you be able to provide me with a copy? It seems that the link is broken on their website.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for any help you can render.

Dear sir,
Can i upload the following files- 1-GDPincrease, bio-diesel, spiritual-science research magazine, all the human system,herbal smoking system for purification of enviornment, new political system.
Dear Sir,

I found in the Internet on http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/tender/data/AOF54855.htm some information about the project "Regional Development Strategies, Russian Federation - EuropeAid/119636/C/SV/RU". Furthermore I found a description of the r equirements for the legal expert who is needed for this project:


That sounds good. I would like to participate as your legal expert. Will you bid for this tender?

Kind regards

Dear Christian,

i study in Mongolia(NUM) as a spanish study ,and it is my second year stuyding. During my summer vacation i work in travel agency as a tour guide. Actually i am really interested in finding scholarship in Spain or english speaking country and i don't know where to start whom to apply and so on.

Hope you can help me for this,

I have old 5000.00 doller and i need to fine out ware i can get it change an can not get it change. can you please e-mail me, and let me know ware i can get it change
Hi Christy.. I am dooing some research about planning institutions in the world.

Especially the ones that prepare development plans of their countries.

I guess you have some kind of information about this subject. I would be very happy if you send me any kind of information about this topic.


I was doing a search for information about Panama on the internet, and I came across your site.

Would you happen to know where I might be able to find information about salary increases for unionized employees in Panama (preferably in English)?

Sehr geehrter Herr Zimmermann

mein Name ist [XXX] ich bin aus der Schweiz bin in Kontakt mit der Seco in Zürich Ich suche ein Hotel Guesthaus in Trivendrum der Name ist Sheena Hotel die Telephonummer ist 00914713955373

Ich wäre Ihnen sehr dankbar, wenn Sie mir mitteilen könnten auf welche weise ich das Hotel finden könnte.

Mit bestem Dank für ihre Bemühungen und freundliche Grüssen

I need info on churches darby/plymouth brethren in faeroes islands.
I am very sorry I am troubling you for some information about Constituency Development Fund in Kenya. I am writing this from India where we have funds placed at the disposal of all legislators for development works in their constituencies. In India this is resulting in much waste and corruption. I wil be grateful to be told if in Kenya the legislators are given any role in spending money out CDF.
I`m from kosovo,But i ask if cant funad any professor in germany ,,,,,,, If sponzour any body embassy in kosovo finans for that if cant help juse for invait and back any time i wait if you cant .because i finsh university ecomomic buit i like apply goning to gemany for master degrees........
I am [name withheld] . i have MA in Economics And I have special interest in economics research , please how i can share your institution in research
I am an Iraqi christian citizin feeling afraid in my country due to unstable stuation in Iraq. Can you advise how can I get an immigration to any christain country.
kindly give me details on determinants of foreign direct investment thanks
Good morning I am [name withheld], a PhD of the Economics Faculty from University of Catania (Italy). For study it would interest me to consult: quarterly data (or more) of the years since 2000 to 2004 for the following countries: Germany, France, China, Japan, Usa. The variable of interest are: GDP, Income per capita, Rate of unemployement and schooling.

It is possible to consult them? could you help me to find?


I ownder if you research organization can quantify the losses in Fiji's economy as a direct result of 1987 and 2000 coups?

How can we establish a new "Economics & Finance Research Centre" here at [XXX] University, Karachi?
Can you please help us in this context?
Hi I am happy to find your website I am doing a paper on the USA economy status GDP inflation & unemployment aggretate supply & demnad current numbers issues and future stats I am taking this class online I went to the library Statesman Ref book & bls.gov website I still need more good websites & research I work fulltime so I am using all my energy to understand the theories thank so much whatever info you can pass on would be so appreciated Have a great day Best Regards [name withheld] PS I am a survivor of 911 NYC attack & trying to finish my BA degree in Business
To whom it may concern,

Im student of Prof. [XXX] from [XXX] University and currently writing a paper on wheat price transmission.

Thus I need the EU-import prices of wheat (No. 2 dark northern spring wheat, cif Rotterdam) on a monthly (preferably weekly) basis. Can you provide these data from 1976 up to 2004?

Youd help me a lot. Please dont hesitate to contact me for any further questions.

Thank you very much in advance,

with kind regards

I am looking for the Grand Securities & Finance in Netherlands. Can you give me the address and phone number for communication.
I'm an academician studying on organic hazelnut in Turkey.I need the information of the quantity of organic hazelnut production in Italy in 2004. I searched web but I could not find an information about this subject.If you help me, I'll be so happy.
I am writing to You ask for any informations about welfare economics in European Union. I am working on my doctors project and it is very importent for me. I will be very grateful if you could help me with it.
Yours sincerely
I would like to work in your branch in Egypt
You can see the required information in my enclosed curriculum vitae.
Dear sir,

As economics student and teacher with about three years work experience, I have applied my knowledge, experience, wisdom and understanding as economist to the problems facing developing countries, and I found out a research which I titled (International Economics Planning). The research took two years and half before it was developed. Many International Development Organisations Have been esterblished to solve these problems yet they remain, my research has pointed out why the problems remain after all these efforts were made.

This research also comes into existence as a result of surfferness I experince since when I was born. This research points on problems facing developing countries and gives solution. The research went as far as three hundred years ago before it was fully developed.

I hereby apply for consideration of my research for developing countries problems solving. I know the resaerch is applicable to the problems because I have presented it to some teachers and students and they all amazing my creativity, so this make me sure of the research ability to solve the problems.

I will be very gratful if my application is favourably considered.

Dear Dr;christian.zimmermann
I prepare my PHD in psychology about dyslexia please, .so can you provide me with the newest reasearches in this field ? and any other related material

Thank you very much

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