A Reaction to nude

On my more serious side, I manage a directory of economics institutions, EDIRC. When a new listing is included, I usually send an acknowledgment to the webmaster. Here is a reply I got. The name of the institution is withheld.

Thank you for your interest in [Name withheld]. We appreciate 
the increased level of interest we have been receiving from various 
organizations and individuals. At the current time we have not developed an 
area on our site to list complimentary links to other sites. This is still 
under discussion by our governing committee for this project.

I only have two concerns about your site that I hope you will take into consideration. The first is we wish to be referred to as "[Name with typo withheld]" as this is our legal name. The other concern is on your page http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r14160 you have a linked icon to what appears to be refrenced to a nude photo or illustration. While this is your personal freedom of choice to maintain this type of material and to to put whatever other links you wish on your site, we request the following:

1. Please remove our link from your site as we feel this is not the sort of material we want the public to be associating with [Name withheld].


2. Please remove the offending icon and link from your site.

If you have any concerns about our site please contact our Corporate Communications Department.

[Name, phone number and email of person in charge of corp. comm.]

Your co-operation is appreciated! Thank You

[signed] ------------ From: Christian Zimmermann To: [address withheld] Subject: EDIRC Date: Monday, September 16, 1996 5:36PM Madam, Sir, Your economics site has been registered at EDIRC (Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centres in the World), the most complete registry available on the Internet: over 850 economics institutions in 72 countries are registered. If you change the URL of your pages, or if you have any other entries to suggest, you are most welcome to email me at zimmermann.christian@uqam.ca EDIRC is reachable at: http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r14160/economics/index.html A link back to EDIRC would be appreciated. Christian Zimmermann FIGOGGL! CREFE et Departement des sciences economiques Universite du Quebec a Montreal Case postale 8888, succursale Centre-Ville Montreal, PQ H3C 3P8 Canada http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r14160/ zimmermann.christian@uqam.ca


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