Christian Zimmermann's Data

In this page, you find the data used for the following paper:

Christian Zimmermann.Technology Innovations and the Volatility of Output: An International Perspective, working paper, UQAM, 1994.

If you are using this data, please cite the above reference and give me a copy of your work.

Here, I provide quarterly data for 20 countries. The default sample is 1960.I to 2000.IV, but may vary.

Data series are in the database format (.db) of MicroTSP and EViews. This is ASCII format that is easily importable into other software. If you have the above softwares, use the fetch command to retrieve the series. If you use other software, the result should be quite easy to import.

Not all series exist for all countries. Output, employment, total hours and capital have been scaled so that countries can be aggregated. This has been done in order to compute the "rest of the World" Solow residuals.

Retrieve one series at a time. I have not yet figured out how to do multiple retrievals yet...

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