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Top 10 Working Papers

1 Cooper, R. & DeJong, D.V. & Forsythe, R. & Ross, T.W. Forward Induction in the Battle of Sexes Games 258
2 George Bittlingmayer The 1920's Boom and the Great Crash203
3 Wieringa, S-E Sexual Metaphors in the Change From Sukarno's Old Order to Suharto's New Order in Indonesia.191
4 Schmidt, V.A. The New World Order, Incorporated: the Rise of Business and the Decline of the Nation State.187
6 Leitzel, James Crime and the Political Economy of Russian Reform160
7 Thomas J. Linsmeier & Neil D. Pearson Risk Measurement: An Introduction to Value at Risk147
8 George J. Stigler John Stuart Mill146
9 Barger, A. Hysteresis and the Phillips Curve Thesis.143

Top 10 Journal Articles

1 Ellingsen, Tore On Flexibility in Oligopoly 7
2 Ohlsson, Henry & Vredin, Anders Political Cycles and Cyclical Policies. A New Test Approach Using 6
3 Michael J. Chriszt Canada sustains its close economic relationship with the United States6
4 Kokko, Ari & Tansini, Ruben & Zejan, Mario Productivity Spillovers from FDI in the Uruguayan Manufacturing 5
5 Kadiyala, K. Rao & Karlsson, Sune Numerical Aspects of Bayesian VAR-modeling 5
6 Gary L. Benjamin Capital expenditures by farmers4
7 Globerman, Steven & Kokko, Ari & Revelius, Mattias & Sami, Mikael MNE Responses to Economic Liberalization in a Developing Country: 3
8 Alan S. Blinder Princeton economist, Alan S. Blinder, cites Murphy's law in economics3
9 anonymous Bank mergers do not guarantee major cost savings3
10 Becker, Torbjörn & Paalzow, Anders Real Effects of Budget Deficits? - Theory and Evidence 3

Top 5 Software Components

1 Jeroen Weesie HAUSMAN: Stata module to compute a Hausman test statistic (version 5)30
2 Jeroen Weesie WHITE: Stata module to perform White's test for heteroscedasticity27
3 J. Scott Long CATDEV: Stata modules for interpretation of categorical dependent variable models17
4 Christopher F Baum & John T. Barkoulas GPHROB: RATS modules to perform tests for fractional integration of timeseries16
5 James W. Hardin BIPROB/SUPROB: Stata modules to perform bivariate and nested probit estimation14

Top 10 Working Paper Series

(total number of hits of all papers)

1 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc NBER Working Papers10017
2 International Monetary Fund IMF Working Papers4247
3 Harvard - Institute of Economic Research Harvard Institute of Economic Research Working Papers4001
4 C.E.P.R. discussion papers CEPR Discussion Papers3087
5 Financial Markets Group and ESRC FMG Discussion Papers2916
6 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc NBER Reprints2757
7 Australian National University - Center for Economic Policy Australian National University - Center for Economic Policy2431
8 World Bank - Country Economics Department World Bank - Country Economics Department2371
9 European Institute - Robert Schuman Centre European Institute - Robert Schumann Centre2084
10 Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Analyse des Organisations Cahiers2069

Top 10 Journals

(total number of hits of all articles)

1 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco FRBSF Economic Letter111
2 Stockholm School of Economics Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance 67
3 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Proceedings63
4 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economic Review55
5 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Review55
6 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston New England Economic Review46
7 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Commentary40
8 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.) Federal Reserve Bulletin36
9 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Conference Series ; [Proceedings]32
10 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Review31

Top 3 Software Series

(total number of hits of all components)

1 Boston College Department of Economics Statistical Software Components662
2 Economics Working Paper Archive at WUSTL Computer Programs11
3 Centre de recherche sur l'emploi et les fluctuations QM&RBC - Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles Codes9

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