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Top 20% Institutions and Economists in Poland, as of October 2007

These rankings take only into account institutions registered in EDIRC and authors registered with the RePEc Author Service and the institutions they claimed to be affiliated with. For Poland, these are 53 authors affiliated with 21 institutions. Note that authors affiliated only with institutions in this region that are not listed in EDIRC cannot be ranked.
For the worldwide rankings, see here: top 5% authors or top 5% economics institutions.
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The rankings below are aggregate rankings from 31 different ranking methods, excluding worst and best method. See links above for details.
The data presented here is experimental. It is based on a limited sample of the research output in Economics and Finance. Only material catalogued in RePEc is considered. For any citation based criterion, only works that could be parsed by the CitEc project are considered. For any ranking of people, only those registered with the RePEc Author Service can be taken into account. And for rankings of institutions, only those listed in EDIRC and claimed as affiliation by the respective, registered authors can be measured. Thus, this list is by no means based on a complete sample. You can help making this more comprehensive by encouraging more publications to be listed (instructions) and more authors to register (form). For more details on the various rankings that are available as well for documentation, follow this link.

Top 20% institutions in Poland

Please note that rankings can depend on the number of registered authors in the respective institutions. Subentities of ranked institutions do not increment the rank count and have their rank listed in parentheses. Register at the RePEc Author Service.
1Narodowy Bank Polski, Warszawa
2Centrum Analiz Spoleczno-Ekonomicznych (CASE), Warszawa
3Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, Warszawa
4Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa

Top 20% authors in Poland

This ranking is based on registered authors only, and only those who claimed some affiliation in this region, and this affiliation is listed in
EDIRC. Authors can register at the RePEc Author Service.
RankAuthorAffiliated with (in this region)
1.Wojciech W. Charemza Narodowy Bank Polski, Warszawa
2.Lucjan T. Orlowski Centrum Analiz Spoleczno-Ekonomicznych (CASE), Warszawa
3.Rafal Weron Hugo Steinhaus Center for Stochastic Methods, Politechnika Wroclawska, Wroclaw
4.Edward W. Piotrowski Ekonofizyka, Uniwersytet Slaski, Katowice
5.Michal Brzoza-Brzezina Narodowy Bank Polski, Warszawa
Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, Warszawa
6.Andrzej Cieslik Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa
7.Pawel Kowal
8.Marek Dabrowski Centrum Analiz Spoleczno-Ekonomicznych (CASE), Warszawa
9.Tomasz Marek Mickiewicz Centrum Analiz Spoleczno-Ekonomicznych (CASE), Warszawa
10.Cezary Wojcik


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