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Top 5 % authors by number of abstract views

Abstract views on participating RePEc services (WoPEc, BibEc, IDEAS, Socionet and EconPapers) over the past 12 months.
1Baum, Christopher36804111
2Cox, Nicholas30530170
3Neumark, David26967110
4Pesaran, M Hashem26712115
5Eichengreen, Barry23459174
6Ghysels, Eric2185995
7Diebold, Francis21183112
8Christiano, Lawrence20395112
9Zimmermann, Christian2020333
10Cramton, Peter1896854
11Phillips, Peter C. B.18617175
12Deardorff, Alan V.1670095
13Samuelson, Larry16381117
14Varian, Hal1540947
15Blanchard, Olivier1508184
16Steel, Mark1504164
17Eichenbaum, Martin14720104
18Uhlig, Harald1468851
19Angrist, Joshua1464972
20Saint-Paul, Gilles1464382
21Mccallum, Bennett1421690
22Bergstrom, Ted1399858
23Boadway, Robin1369662
24Morris, Stephen1362187
25Gertler, Mark1361788
26Ambler, Steven1356138
27Horowitz, Joel L.1339455
28Cecchetti, Stephen1332760
29Mailath, George1292990
30Barkoulas, John1242824
31Gruber, Jonathan1234978
32Barnett, William1219449
33Grossman, Gene12172114
34Arnott, Richard1188757
35Levitt, Steven1171629
36Duclos, Jean-Yves1171035
37Marceau, Nicolas1165435
38Van Norden, Simon1152227
39Bovenberg, Ary Lans1126056
40Giles, David1112629
41Griliches, Zvi1102594
42Klemperer, Paul1095347
43Levine, David1089487
44Paquet, Alain1082723
45Tabellini, Guido1063398
46Kehoe, Patrick1054375
47Dekker, Rommert1046744
48Rosen, Harvey1043498
49Anderson, James1040836
50Amano, Robert1027324
51Gaudet, Gerard1006439
52Normandin, Michel1006022
53Kotlikoff, Laurence9991114
54Dufour, Jean-Marie986858
55Pagano, Marco985349
56Hammond, Peter975143
57Caballero, Ricardo J942966
58Wang, Ping940955
59Greenwood, Jeremy938962
60Hamermesh, Daniel934594
61Easterly, William931655

Top 5 % authors by number of downloads

Number of full text download from
IDEAS, WoPEc, Socionet and EconPapers over the past twelve months. No repeat downloads included. Only downloads using the download script (button) are counted.
1Baum, Christopher5173
2Cox, Nicholas3245
3Zimmermann, Christian2123
4Eichengreen, Barry1870
5Diebold, Francis1848
6Ghysels, Eric1721
7Cramton, Peter1674
8Barkoulas, John1642
9Klemperer, Paul1630
10Neumark, David1455
11Van Norden, Simon1239
12Giles, David1197
13Jenkins, Stephen1125
14Gertler, Mark1104
15Levine, Ross1047
16Langlois, Richard1042
17Kokko, Ari1031
18Varian, Hal1015
19Christiano, Lawrence1013
20Phillips, Peter C. B.1008
21Chakraborty, Atreya984
22Barnett, William920
23Pesaran, M Hashem904
24Malki, Elli903
25Stein, Jeremy872
26Skott, Peter870
27Gali, Jordi866
28Kolenikov, Stanislav844
29Lebaron, Blake841
30Ghironi, Fabio838
31Levitt, Steven838
32Tabellini, Guido837
33Lewis, Alan804
34Ambler, Steven791
35Hanson, Gordon785
36Eichenbaum, Martin778
37Lerner, Josh775
38Venables, Anthony J.771
39Kanzler, Ludwig770
40Levine, David758
41Horowitz, Joel L.757
42Glickman, Murray754
43Normandin, Michel752
44Morris, Stephen751
45Dekker, Rommert740
46Davies, Robert729
47Pallage, Stephane724
48Fontagne, Lionel699
49Arnott, Richard698
50Bovenberg, Ary Lans688
51Uhlig, Harald684
52Ilinski, Kirill682
53Kehoe, Patrick678
54Hall, Bronwyn H673
55Sargent, Thomas661
56Amano, Robert657
57Bergstrom, Ted654
58Gordy, Michael653
59Lucas, Andre636
60Gale, Douglas Maxwell635
61Paquet, Alain635

Top 5 % authors by number of works

1Phillips, Peter C. B.175 141 papers, 34 articles
2Eichengreen, Barry174 166 papers, 8 articles
3Cox, Nicholas170 3 papers, 167 software components
4Samuelson, Larry117 99 papers, 18 articles
5Pesaran, M Hashem115 97 papers, 18 articles
6Grossman, Gene114 94 papers, 20 articles
7Kotlikoff, Laurence114 99 papers, 15 articles
8Christiano, Lawrence112 86 papers, 26 articles
9Diebold, Francis112 97 papers, 15 articles
10Baum, Christopher111 42 papers, 4 articles, 54 software components, 11 editorships
11Neumark, David110 89 papers, 21 articles
12Fair, Ray109 82 papers, 27 articles
13Eichenbaum, Martin104 76 papers, 28 articles
14Ashenfelter, Orley104 84 papers, 20 articles
15Rosen, Harvey98 77 papers, 21 articles
16Tabellini, Guido98 86 papers, 12 articles
17Ghysels, Eric95 83 papers, 12 articles
18Deardorff, Alan V.95 80 papers, 15 articles
19Hamermesh, Daniel94 70 papers, 24 articles
20Griliches, Zvi94 62 papers, 32 articles
21Benhabib, Jess92 87 papers, 5 articles
22Mccallum, Bennett90 62 papers, 28 articles
23Mailath, George90 79 papers, 11 articles
24Gertler, Mark88 71 papers, 17 articles
25Levine, David87 77 papers, 10 articles
26Morris, Stephen87 74 papers, 13 articles
27Walsh, Carl85 28 papers, 57 articles
28Blanchard, Olivier84 70 papers, 14 articles
29Smith, Bruce D84 43 papers, 41 articles
30Saint-Paul, Gilles82 78 papers, 4 articles
31Abel, Andrew80 70 papers, 10 articles
32Andrews, Donald W. K.80 58 papers, 22 articles
33Gruber, Jonathan78 66 papers, 12 articles
34Kehoe, Patrick75 58 papers, 16 articles, 1 software component
35Angrist, Joshua72 61 papers, 11 articles
36Rosen, Sherwin71 40 papers, 31 articles
37Shavell, Steven71 39 papers, 32 articles
38Rudebusch, Glenn70 43 papers, 27 articles
39Venables, Anthony J.69 59 papers, 10 articles
40Manski, Charles68 61 papers, 7 articles
41Bernanke, Ben S.66 41 papers, 25 articles
42Caballero, Ricardo J66 56 papers, 10 articles
43Sargent, Thomas65 30 papers, 34 articles, 1 software component
44Taylor, Mark P.65 49 papers, 16 articles
45Wright, Randall65 39 papers, 26 articles
46Borjas, George64 44 papers, 20 articles
47Fuhrer, Jeffrey C.64 31 papers, 33 articles
48Steel, Mark64 55 papers, 9 articles
49Boadway, Robin62 46 papers, 16 articles
50Greenwood, Jeremy62 51 papers, 11 articles
51Gale, Douglas Maxwell61 45 papers, 16 articles
52Cecchetti, Stephen60 39 papers, 21 articles
53Carlstrom, Charles60 26 papers, 34 articles
54Levine, Ross60 50 papers, 10 articles
55Hall, Bronwyn H60 57 papers, 3 articles
56Chari, Varadarajan59 38 papers, 21 articles
57Haslag, Joseph58 31 papers, 27 articles
58Dufour, Jean-Marie58 47 papers, 11 articles
59Perron, Pierre58 48 papers, 10 articles
60Bergstrom, Ted58 50 papers, 8 articles
61Arnott, Richard57 50 papers, 7 articles

Notes: The statistics do not include hits on other
RePEc services using the same bibliographic data sets, services that may have there own statistics. The number of items is current as of the end of the last month. Repeat downloads are not included.