RePEc step-by-step tutorial

Preparing your server for RePEc

All the metadata needs to be available on your server, so that RePEc service can retrieve them regularly to integrate them in their databases. The directory holding this data is your RePEc archive. There are two basic ways to do this: over a web server, or over an anonymous ftp server. In some cases, it is impossible to prepare the server appropriately, as it would violate some local IT policies. In such cases, and in such cases only, use the RePEc Input Service.

Note that you do not need a dedicated server for this. Just use an existing server, such as your usual website.

The RePEc archive can be located anywhere on your server as long as it is reachable over the web (http or https) or anonymous ftp (not sftp or ftps) but a good name for the directory might be RePEc/aaa/ where aaa is your archive code (remember, the archive handle was RePEc:aaa). The rules for the layout of the archive are strict:

The two files in the directory aaa itself describe the archive. aaaarch.rdf contains the technical details, including the URL of the archive, and aaaseri.rdf describes the contents of the archive, i.e. the working paper series or journals you will be providing data for. For each series or journal there should be a subdirectory with a name matching the information in the aaaseri.rdf file.

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