RePEc step-by-step tutorial

Prepare metadata for your RePEc archive


The metadata decribing your publications is given in templates. There is a different type of template for the various type of items you want to describe. And each template has several descriptive fields, some of them required, others optional. There are templates for: All these templates are held in simple text files. This means: no binary formatting as it is provided by word processors. Always save files as text only. Also, the files holding templates need to have the extension .rdf. Then we will assume that there character encoding is ISO-LATIN-1 or Windows-1252. If you want to use UTF-8, then either put a byte-order mark at the start of the file, or use extension .redif (for more details see this blog post).

A few principles are essential for the templates:

We will now go through each type of template. Continue to:

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