RePEc step-by-step tutorial

The archive template

Archive templates are in text files, like all templates. This template describes your archive. It is purely administrative in nature and serves to inform RePEc of the location of the metadata files and provides a (technical) contact if a problem develops. A typical archive template looks like this:
Template-Type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
Handle: RePEc:aaa
Name: Department of Economics, Grandiose University
Description: This archive collects working papers from the Departments of Economics and Finance of Grandiose University, as well as from their Center for Important Research

Replace aaa with your assigned archive code. All fields except Description: are mandatory. Note that each field starts with a keyword, immediately followed by a colon (":") and then the field description. The field description can span over more that one line, as long as any subsequent line does not start with a word immediately followed by a colon. There is not limit to line length.

Note the URL: field. This describes where your metadata can be found. We recommend that you create a RePEc/ directory on your server, this makes sure that your IT personnel knows what these files are about. Also, within the RePEc/ directory, create a directory with your archive name, which corresponds to your archive handle, in the above case aaa.

Save the created template in a file called aaaarch.rdf, where aaa is your archive code. Place this file in the aaa/ directory (that is the directory specified in the URL: field of the archive template).

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