RePEc step-by-step tutorial

Obtain a RePEc archive handle

Every archive participating in RePEc needs a unique identifier, called handle. It is of the type RePEc:aaa, where aaa is a three letter string. You must request that a handle be assigned to your department or institution to ensure that there are no duplicates. To request a handle, please send an email to giving the name of your institution. If you get an error message in return, please try with on of the addresses at the botton of the RePEc homepage.

Note that there may already be a RePEc archive at your location. There is no need to multiply archives, as a single archive can index several series or journals. To see the current list of RePEc archives, click here.

Please note that RePEc archives are not available for individual use, but only for departments or institutions. Individuals may make use of the Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) to publicize their works.

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