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Top 50 Working Papers

1 Peter Temin The Great Depression 5645
2 Timo Salmi & Ilkka Virtanen & Paavo Yli-Olli On the Classification of Financial Ratios; A Factor and5222
3 Robert T. Michael Two Papers on the Recent Rise in U.S. Divorce Rate 5180
4 Brown, R.P.C. Immigration and Australia's population in the 21st Century. Examining teh Validity of the Remittance-Decay Hypothesis from Survey Data on Pacific Island Migrants in Australia.4910
5 Peter Temin Two Views of the British Industrial Revolution 4578
6 Waldfogel, J. & Higuchi, Y. & Abe, M. Maternity Leave Policies and Women Employment after Childbirth: Evidence from the United States, Britain and Japan.3872
7 L. G. Telser On the Great Depression3866
8 Nordhaus, William D. Beyond the CPI: An Augmented Cost of Living Index (ACOLI)3756
9 Collins, A. & Cameron, S. & Thew, N. Prostitution Services : An Exploratory Empirical Analysis3369
10 Joseph Haslag On quantity theory restriction and the signalling of the money multiplier3365
11 Louis Lévy-Garboua & Claude Montmarquette Reported Job Satisfaction: What Does It Mean?3270
12 Boozer, M. & Wolkon, S. & Krueger, A.B. Race and School Quality Since Brown vs. Board of Education.3040
13 Richard W. Johnson & David Neumark Age Discrimination, Job Separation, and Employment Status of Older Workers: Evidence from Self-Reports 3023
14 George Bittlingmayer The 1920's Boom and the Great Crash2937
15 Peter Skott & Amitava Krishna Dutt Keynesian Theory And The Aggregate-Supply/Aggregate-Demand Framework:2920
16 Booth, A-L & Frank, J Performance Related Pay.2908
18 Kramer, Charles & Western Hemisphere Department FEERs and Uncertainty: Confidence Intervals for the Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate of the Canadian Dollar 2829
19 Bortolotti, B. Trials and Errors: Plea Bargaining as a Learning Device.2674
20 Lykke Eg Andersen Modelling the Relationship between Government Policy, Economic2666
21 Ira N. Gang & Amal Sanyal & Omkar Goswami Corruption, Tax Evasion and the Laffer Curve2585
24 Nanda, D. Essays in Just-in-Time Manufacturing Firm Value, Product Variety, and Supplier Coordination2533
25 Rege, S Caste and Gender : The Violence Against Women in India.2531
26 Benoit A. Aubert & Sylvie Dussault & Michel Patry & Suzanne Rivard Managing the Risk of IT Outsourcing2509
27 Monadjemi, M. S. Interest Rates and the Exchange Rate: Some international Evidence2506
28 Kole, S.R. & Lehn, K. Deregulation and the Adaption of Governance Structures: The Case of the U.S. Airline Industry.2451
29 Thomas J. Linsmeier & Neil D. Pearson Risk Measurement: An Introduction to Value at Risk2365
30 Sturman, M.C. Multiple Approaches to Absenteeism analysis.2355
32 Carrington, W.J. & Troske, K.R. Sex Segregation in U.S. Manufacturing.2337
33 Bromberg, M.D. & Cooper, R.I. Capital Structure, Ownership Structure, and Dividend Policy2333
34 Christian Zimmermann International Business Cycles and Exchange Rates 2298
35 Muhsaid Alameri, Salih M. Las actitudes hacia los circulos de control de calidad y los2296
36 David Neumark & Mark Schweitzer & William Wascher The Effects of Minimum Wages on the Distribution of Family Incomes: A Non-Parametric Analysis 2276
37 Ravi Jagannathan & Zhenyu Wang THE CAPM IS ALIVE AND WELL2265
38 N. Crafts Some Dimensions Of The 'Quality Of Life' During The British Industrial Revolution 2244
39 Hewitson, G The Market for Surrogate Motherhood Contracts.2240
40 Bahram Pesaran & Gary Robinson The Statistical Distribution of Short-Term Libor Rates Under Two Monetary Regimes 2230
41 David E. Weinstein Foreign Direct Investment and Keiretsu: Rethinking Us and Japanese Policy2216
42 Muhsein Alameri, Salih M. Los circulos de control de calidad : origen, objetivos y principios2168
43 Caruso, M. Stock Prices and Money Velocity: A Multi-Country Analysis.2154
44 Economides, N. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and its Impact2140
45 Timo Salmi & Ilkka Virtanen & & Deriving the Internal Rate of Return from the Accountant's Rate of2088
46 A. Manning The Equal Pay Act As An Experiment To Test Theories Of The Labour Market 2087
47 Brown, D. & McIntosh, S. If You're Happy and You Know It... Job Satisfaction in the Low Wage Service Sector.2081
48 Bulte, E & van Soest, D Tropical Deforestation, Timber Concessions and Slash-and-Burn Agriculture : Why Encroachment may Promote Conservation of Primary Forests.2060
49 Rogers, W.E. & Wright, P.M. Measuring Organizational Performance in Strategic Human Resource Management: Problems and Prospects.2054
50 Griffith-Jones, S Causes and Lessons of the Mexican Peso Crisis.2045

Top 25 Journal Articles

1 Jeffrey C. Fuhrer The Phillips curve is alive and well1591
2 Steven P. Feinstein & William N. Goetzmann The effect of the "triple witching hour" on stock market volatility1397
3 Beniamin Goldys A note on pricing interest rate derivatives when forward LIBOR rates are lognormal1397
4 Farshid Jamshidian LIBOR and swap market models and measures (*)1368
5 Robert R. Bliss & Ehud I. Ronn To call or not to call?: optimal call policies for callable U.S. Treasury bonds1338
6 Aruna Srinivasan Are there cost savings from bank mergers?1162
7 anonymous Paul A. Volcker retires as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board1063
8 Joseph A. Whitt, Jr. The Mexican peso crisis991
9 Geoffrey M.B. Tootell Restructuring, the NAIRU, and the Phillips curve958
10 anonymous Regulatory treatment of deferred tax assets altered in response to FASB 109944
11 James Tobin The monetary and fiscal policy mix934
12 Ellen J. Bakke & Michael J. Chriszt A chronology of the Mexican financial crisis927
13 Geoffrey M. B. Tootell Purchasing power parity within the United States923
14 Jack L. Hervey The 1973 oil crisis: one generation and counting910
15 Peter A. Abken Using Eurodollar futures options: gauging the market's view of interest rate movements893
16 Frederick H. Jensen & Patrick M. Parkinson Recent developments in the bankers acceptance market871
17 anonymous Deregulation to provide challenges and opportunities for natural gas companies836
18 anonymous Learning the right lessons from the Asian crisis835
19 Edwin M. Truman The Mexican peso crisis: implications for international finance815
20 Mehmet Yorukoglu The Information Technology 808
21 Christine Pavel Securitization786
22 anonymous The Asian financial crisis: Causes and lessons756
23 Michael F. Bryan & Stephen G. Cecchetti The consumer price index as a measure of inflation749
24 David R. Johnson & Darren Mcllwraith Opinion Polls and Canadian Bond Yields During the 1995 Quebec743
25 Liza Ashley & Robert Bliss Financial Accounting Standard no. 133--the reprieve720

Top 25 Software Components

1 Christopher F. Baum SherlockIDEAS: MacOS module to implement Sherlock searches of IDEAS1842
2 James P. LeSage ECONOMETRICS: MATLAB toolbox of econometrics functions1753
3 D. H. Judson CLUSTER: Stata module to perform nonhierarchical k-means (or k-medoids) cluster analysis 1718
4 Nicholas J. Cox WBULL: Stata module to fit Weibull distribution by maximum likelihood1693
5 Nicholas J. Cox & Christopher F Baum ARCHUTIL: Stata modules to work with contents of SSC-IDEAS Archive1484
6 Herve M. Caci KR20: Stata module to calculate Kuder-Richardson coefficient of reliability1286
7 Jens M. Lauritsen VENNDIAG: Stata module to generate Venn diagrams1225
8 Philip Ryan SF36: Stata module to calculate summary statistics for the SF-36 Health Survey Instrument1177
9 Nicholas J. Cox EWMA: Stata module to calculate exponentially weighted moving average1165
10 Nicholas J. Cox TRIPLOT: Stata module to generate triangular plots1143
11 Stephen P. Jenkins & Philippe Van Kerm GLCURVE: Stata module to derive generalised Lorenz curve ordinates 1098
12 Ludwig Kanzler DWATSON: MATLAB module to calculate Durbin-Watson statistic and significance1080
13 Roger Aliaga & Silvia Montoya GINIDESC: Stata module to compute Gini index with within- and between-group inequality decomposition1044
14 Bill Sribney DLOGIT2: Stata modules to compute marginal effects for logit, probit, and mlogit 1033
15 Philip Price & Fred Wolfe NPROC: Stata module to produce nonparametric receiver operating curves996
16 Gary King CLARIFY: Stata modules for Monte Carlo simulation 979
17 Philip Ryan SF36PROG: Stata modules to process SF-36 data900
18 Herve M. Caci SBROWNI: Stata module to calculate Spearman-Brown reliability correction for test length861
19 J. Scott Long CATDEV: Stata modules for interpretation of categorical dependent variable models817
20 Michael Blasnik LMS: Stata module to perform least median squares regression fit812
21 Ludwig Kanzler UNITROOT: MATLAB module to calculate (Augmented) Dickey-Fuller and Phillips-Perron tests 800
22 Vince Wiggins HECKMAN2: Stata module to estimate Heckman selection model using Heckman's two-step approach791
23 Herve M. Caci LEVENE: Stata module to test for equal population variances788
24 Jeroen Weesie WHITE: Stata module to perform White's test for heteroscedasticity786
25 Jonah B. Gelbach PROBITIV: Stata module to perform instrumental variables probit775

Top 50 Paper Series

(total number of hits of all papers)

1 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc NBER Working Papers1025309
2 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc NBER Reprints301180
3 World Bank - Country Economics Department World Bank - Country Economics Department255688
4 International Monetary Fund IMF Working Papers175545
5 C.E.P.R. discussion papers CEPR Discussion Papers170343
6 Tilburg - Center for Economic Research Tilburg - Center for Economic Research141813
7 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.) Finance and Economics Discussion Series141243
8 Stockholm School of Economics Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance 126042
9 Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Analyse des Organisations Cahiers116959
10 Harvard - Institute of Economic Research Harvard Institute of Economic Research Working Papers116763
11 Tinbergen Institute Rotterdam- Tinbergen Institute Rotterdam- 107488
12 CEPREMAP CEPREMAP Working Papers (Couverture Orange)106065
13 Economics Working Paper Archive at WUSTL Macroeconomics104831
14 University of Bonn, Germany Discussion Paper Serie A 102815
15 Financial Markets Group and ESRC FMG Discussion Papers99292
16 Catholique de Louvain - Center for Operations Research and Economics Catholique de Louvain - Center for Operations Research and Economics98824
17 Tilburg University, Center for Economic ResearchDiscussion Paper93371
18 Centre for Economic Performance and ESRC CEP Discussion Papers 87858
19 Department of Economics, University of Aarhus Department of Economics, Working Papers87261
20 Australian National University - Center for Economic Policy Australian National University - Center for Economic Policy78935
21 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.) International Finance Discussion Papers77648
22 Universite Aix-Marseille III G.R.E.Q.A.M. 77474
23 European Institute - Robert Schuman Centre European Institute - Robert Schumann Centre76394
24 Boston College Department of Economics Boston College Working Papers in Economics75995
25 Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Economics Working Papers 75079
26 New York University, C.V. Starr Center New York, C.V. Starr Center - Working Papers73285
27 Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques- Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques- 72843
28 World Bank World Bank - Discussion Papers71048
29 London School of Economics - Centre for Economic Performance London School of Economics - Centre for Economic Performance70587
30 Pennsylvania State - Department of Economics Pennsylvania State - Department of Economics69692
31 Economics Working Paper Archive at WUSTL Finance69688
32 Northwestern University, Center for Mathematical Studies in Discussion Papers67773
33 CREFE, Université du Québec à Montréal Cahiers de recherche CREFE / CREFE Working Papers66149
34 Melbourne - Department of Economics Melbourne - Department of Economics64498
35 Columbia - Department of Economics Columbia - Department of Economics64462
36 World Bank - Technical Papers World Bank - Technical Papers64247
37 University of Bonn, Germany Discussion Paper Serie B62337
38 Institute of Social Studies - The Hague, Working Paper Series Institute of Social Studies - The Hague, Working Paper Series59632
39 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Dept. Economia i Ha. Economica Departament d'Economia i Ha. Economica Working Papers 58585
40 Osaka - Institute of Social and Economic Research Osaka - Institute of Social and Economic Research56229
41 California Institute of Technology, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences Working Papers55386
42 Michigan - Research Forum on International Economics Michigan - Research Forum on International Economics55129
43 Montreal - Departement des sciences economiques Montreal - Departement des sciences economiques54753
44 Cowles Foundation, Yale University Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers54506
45 Society for Computational Economics Computing in Economics and Finance '9952134
46 University of British Columbia - Department of Economics University of British Columbia - Department of Economics51921
47 Oslo - Department of Economics Memorandum51640
48 Munich - Department of Economics Munich - Department of Economics51286
49 European Institute - Economics Department European Institute - Economics Department51109
50 Columbia - Graduate School of Business Columbia - Graduate School of Business50889

Top 25 Journals

(total number of hits of all articles)

1 Econometric Society Econometrica119474
2 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.) Federal Reserve Bulletin91783
3 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston New England Economic Review65255
4 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economic Review63035
5 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco FRBSF Economic Letter56609
6 Springer Berlin Heidelberg Economic Theory50276
7 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Proceedings44441
8 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Review41386
9 RAND Bell Journal of Economics38608
10 RAND RAND Journal of Economics38328
11 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review35436
12 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Review34826
13 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly30199
14 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economics Update29111
15 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Financial Update27689
16 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Commentary27501
17 Canadian Economics Association Canadian Journal of Economics26801
18 Springer Berlin Heidelberg Journal of Population Economics26560
19 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives24861
20 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Proceedings24140
21 Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Business Review23547
22 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Journal of Applied Econometrics 22634
23 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Review22009
24 Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review21734
25 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic & Financial Review21610

Top 5 Software Series

(total number of hits of all components)

1 Boston College Department of Economics Statistical Software Components177110
2 University of British Columbia SHAZAM Examples7598
3 Centre de recherche sur l'emploi et les fluctuations QM&RBC - Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles Codes3599
4 RePEc TeamRePEc scripts1905
5 Boston College Department of Economics Octave Software Components1691

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